Focus International was founded in 1989. We are a pool of international development management consultants. Our motto is “Effectiveness – Quality – Excellence”. It sumarizes the essence of our way of approaching the delivery of professional services. To honor this stand we have brought together some proven and highly qualified experts in their respective fields of experience within a dynamic networking setting.

Areas of Expertise:

Organizational & Institutional  Development 
We assist public administrations in developing their potential in view of improving their performance. In this regard we use  state of the art organizational diagnostic models and tools.

Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
We assist organizations at all phases of management cycle. On the planning side we offer our services in strategic and operational planning. We also provide our services in monitoring and evaluating projects and programmes with a focus on a systemic approach.

Process Management
We have developed a robust know-how about process management. We help organizations in their taking advantage of our experience and expertise in conceptualizing and carring out process management practices. We can facilitate processes in relation to conferences, strategic meetings, inovation, etc.

Results-Based Management
We belong to the set of the highly qualified international experts in results-based management. We have a sound experience and a proven expertise in this field.