Action on Armed Violence – Roster of Experts

Roster of Experts

The Roster of Experts is AOAV’s web-based database of expert advisors in the fields of armed violence reduction and prevention, victim assistance, mine action, arms control, stockpile management, psychosocial counseling for victims, livelihoods, and gender-based violence, among others.

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) has a central mission: to carry out research, advocacy and field work in order to reduce the incidence and impact of global armed violence.

AOAV defines ‘armed violence’ as the intentional use of force – actual or threatened – with weapons, to cause injury, death, or psychological harm. The number of fatalities from armed violence is estimated to be over half a million people killed every year. Around two thirds of these violent deaths are estimated to occur outside conflict situations. Poorer countries are particularly badly affected. AOAV works locally, nationally, regionally and globally to reduce – and ultimately prevent – this from happening.

AOAV works with communities affected by armed violence, removing the threat of weapons, reducing the risks that provoke violence and conflict, and supporting the recovery of victims and survivors.