Economic Empowerment

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Entrepreneurship and Gender in Africa
19 sept. 2012 – 3:58
Marie-Roger Biloa, the CEO of Africa International Media Group.
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UN-Women, Executive Board, 6th meeting, Second regular session 2013
(a) English – 6th meeting 18 Sep 2013; – 00:41:00 /  (b) English (5th meeting) – 18 Sep 2013;  00:50:48 /  (c) English – 4th meeting –  17 Sep 2013; / 02:20:44 / (d) English – 3rd meeting– 17 Sep 2013; 02:09:16 / (e) English – 2nd meeting / (f) English – 1st meeting

The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN-Women) Executive Board Second regular session 2013….Eco Empowerment -vid002
The Knowledge Gateway for Women’s Economic Empowerment – Global Launch
English – 23 Sep 2013; – 01:17:30
The government of Canada and UN Women are launching the Knowledge Gateway for Women’s Economic Empowerment. An innovative online platform providing women and girls with opportunities to take charge of their economic future.Eco Empowerment -vid003
Marsha Wallace (Dining for Women), Global Connections Television

English – 30 Jan 2013 – 00:25:56

Bill Miller (Global Connections Television) is interviewing Marsha Wallace, Co-Founder and President of Dining for Women….Eco Empowerment -vid004
20 Jul 2012 – 00:04:26
Focus: Mali
Mali: Shea Tree Empowers Women (English)

For centuries the shea tree and the butter produced from its fruits have been vital for the rural communities in Mali, a country facing extreme poverty in the midst of drought and internal conflicts….Eco Empowerment -vid005
17 Feb 2011 – 00:08:
Focus: Colombia

Colombia: Wayuu Gold (English)
Colombia – it’s home to a bounty of one of the world’s most precious resources. Yet not all Colombians are getting their fair share. We travel to a remote corner of the country where an extraordinary woman is fighting for her community’s very survival….Eco Empowerment -vid006
Haiti: Women Take on New Businesses

English (2) – 23 Jul 2013 – 00:02:30 / English (1) – 18 Apr 2013 – 00:04:41
Focus: Haiti

Haitians are rebuilding their homes, and their livelihoods after the devastating earthquake struck in 2010. UNIA Programme # 1386…Eco Empowerment -vid007
Despite Advances, Laws Still Limit Women Entrepreneurs : September 23, 2013 (English)

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Empowering Women: Legal Rights and Economic Opportunities in Africa  : June 19, 2013 (English)

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Achieving Gender Equity Through Microfinance : April 1, 2013 (English)
Focus: Tunisia

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Laos: Increasing Opportunity for Women – Slideshow : March 1, 2013 (English)

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World Bank and White House: Women are Key to Shared Prosperity: April 18, 20 (English)

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Empowering Women in Remote Areas of China : August 1, 2011 (English)
Focus: China