Men and Boys


[.pdf]   GD023-Engaging men in women’s issues – Women for Women International

This issue of Critical Half (bi-annual journal of Women for Women International) explores how men can be engaged to support and promote women’s rights and thus help to establish gender equitable societies. The topics covered include men’s perceptions of gender roles; men’s opinions of “women’s empowerment”; factors and incentives that influence men’s receptiveness to social, political, and economic programs for women;  obstacles faced by men who wish to implement change in their communities; and proven strategies to create partnerships with men to positively transform gender relations.

[.pdf]   GD068- Role of Men and Boys in Promoting Gender Equality – APPEAL

While the concept of gender equality is not new, what is relatively new is the concerted effort to revisit men’s roles and identities in order to significantly increase men’s involvement in working towards gender-equal  societies. This policy brief aims to present key rationales, identify principal challenges, and recommend actionable strategies for engaging boys and men3 in efforts to achieve gender equality. The goal of this brief is to  provide policy makers, gender-related practitioners, business people and civil society leaders with a framework for developing strategies, implementing programmes, and evaluating progress in gender equality efforts that  engage men in all spheres of life.