Violence against Women

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International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – Official 2012 Commemoration: “A promise is a promise”

Speakers: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Michelle Bachelet, Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women, H.E. Ms. Marjon V. Kamara, Permanent Mission of Liberia, Chair of CSW, Mr. Dhruv Arora (India) , Member of UNiTE Global Youth Network and a winner of the UN summit Youth Award 2012 for GotStaredAt, Ms. Marai Larasi (United Kingdom), Executive Director, Imkaan . The event will be moderated by Ms. Juju Chang, ABS News Correspondent….Violence against-vid002
Guidelines to measure violence against women, CSW side event

English – 12 Mar 2013 – 01:20:05

Organized by UN Women, United Nations Statistics Division…Violence against-vid004
Why do men use violence and how do we stop it: new evidence on men’s use of violence against women and girls and its uses for enhanced prevention, CSW Side Event

English – 8 Mar 2013 – 01:17:09

Organized by Australia, Sweden, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), UN Women, United Nations Volunteers (UNV), World Health Organization (WHO), Partners for Prevention….Violence against-vid005
‘Sexual violence in conflict and beyond: a conspiracy of silence’, Classroom Conversations

English – 15 Mar 2013 – 01:51:55

This event is organized by the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), in association with the Office of the SRSG on Sexual Violence in Conflict….Violence against-vid006
Raising and empowering youth to break the cycle of violence against women and children – DPI/NGO Briefing

English – 25 Mar 2013 – 02:00:38

Youth Led Briefing on empowerment to break the cycle of violence against women and children…Violence against-vid007
Stop the Violence: Girls at the frontlines of prevention

English – Mar 2013 – 01:11:53

Organized by UN Women, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts ….Violence against-vid008
High Level Francophone Consultations on Violence against Women and Girls

– 4 Mar 2013 – 01:14:43

Concertation francophone de haut niveau, violences faites aux femmes et aux filles / High Level Francophone Consultations on Violence against Women and Girls, at the 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)…Violence against-vid009
Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls – Press Conference

English – 6 Mar 2013 – 00:51:21

Speakers are: Agnes Leina, Executive Director of Il’laramak Community Concerns (Kenya); Shimreichon Luithui-Erni, Programme Coordinator of the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (India)…Violence against-vid010
28 Nov 2012 – 00:01:00

South Sudan: Violence against women (Original)

Focus: South Sudan

UN Web TV “Add Your Voice” series – Hundreds of women, girls and men marched in Juba, South Sudan on 26 November to commemorate the International Day to End Violence against Women (25 November)….Violence against-vid011
26 Sep 2012 – 00:01:57

UNiTE to End Violence Against Women Football Match (English)
On Wednesday the 26th of September a team of top officials, staff members and ambassadors to the UN played in a friendly match in New York City against President of Bolivia Evo Morales’ team during the 67th session of the General Assembly….Violence against-vid012
25 Sep 2012 – 00:13:01

William Hague (UK), Michelle Bachelet (UN Women), Zainab Hawa Bangura (SRSG on Sexual Violence) – Media Stakeout (English)
William Hague, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom – Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director of UN Women – Zainab Hawa Bangura, SRSG on Sexual vilence in conflict…Violence against-vid013
17 Jan 2012 – 00:09:52

Dancing for Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (English)

Focus : Congo-DRC

In The Democratic Republic of the Congo, millions have died and hundreds of thousands of women raped since a civil war began there more than a decade ago. But amid the violence, is a group of people determined to use the power of dance to spread a me…Violence against-vid14
6 Oct 2011 – 00:01:03

UN study provides detailed regional and demographic picture of murder (English)
Young men in Central and South America and Southern and Central Africa are most at risk of being killed in cases of homicide, while women face an increased likelihood of being murdered in domestic violence, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crim…Violence against-vid015
5 Apr 2011 – 00:04:00

Congo: Helping Survivors of Wartime Rape to Rebuild Their Lives (English)

Focus: Congo-DRC

In the South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 12 years of war has ravaged the region. At least 200 thousand women have been sexually assaulted. A United Nations team is providing support for victims and helping change social…Violence against-vid016
22 Feb 2011 – 00:04:22

Bosnia: Healing the Wounds of War (English)

Focus: Bosnia-Herzegovina

The war in Bosnia-Herzegovina may have ended fifteen years ago, but for so many of the nation’s women, the legacy of wartime rape lives on. UNIA Programme # 1278…Violence against-vid017
28 Oct 2010 – 00:05:18

Guatemala: The struggle for justice (English)
Guatemala is one of the world’s most violent countries: murder, extortion, trafficking and gang warfare are rife. But very few violent criminals are ever prosecuted. One woman, however, is risking her life to change that reality….Violence against-vid018
8 Sep 2010 – 00:05:05

Liberia: Women on the frontline (English)

Focus: Liberia

United Nations, August 2010 – With the election of Liberia’s first female president, more women are taking a lead in rebuilding this post-war nation. Women in the police force are enforcing laws in an effort to reverse a legacy of sexual violence…Violence against-vid019
17 Mar 2009 – 00:49:34

Feride Acar on CEDAW (English)
Ms. Feride Acar, Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, Middle East Technical University
“The General Framework and the Monitoring Mechanism of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women”…
Violence against-vid020
17 Mar 2009 – 00:49:34

Feride Acar on CEDAW (Français)

Ms. Feride Acar, Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, Middle East Technical University
“The General Framework and the Monitoring Mechanism of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women”…Violence against-vid021
19 Sep 2012 – 00:03:15

Somaliland: the Pain of Rape (English)

Focus: Somaliland

In Hargeisa, Somaliland, a young Ethiopian woman struggles to raise her baby in the aftermath of rape….Violence against-vid021
Using and Improving Data on Gender-Based Violence : May 9, 2013 (English)

Violence against-vid021
South Asia Chief Economist on Gender-Based Violence :  April 19, 2013 (English)

Violence against-vid021
Panel: Breaking the Silence on Gender-Based Violence : April 18, 2013 (English)

Violence against-vid021
Slideshow: What Will It Take to End Gender-Based Violence?: April 18, 2013 (English)Around UNiTE Campaign…
A Promise is a Promise: UN issues call to action to end violence against women – “A Promise is a Promise” is the theme of the official commemoration of the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.Breakaway video game – a free online football game aimed at boys between the ages of 8 and 15, which uses football as a way to engage, educate and change the attitudes of boys to contribute to ending violence against women and girls.

Secretary-General’s “Ring the Bell” campaign message

Stop Rape Now public service announcement featuring UN Messenger of Peace Charlize Theron

One Woman’s Battle: Fight for Justice in Niger (10”50’)
Born….or sold into slavery. It’s the brutal reality for hundreds of
Thousands of African women. But in Niger, one extraordinary woman
fought back. In a groundbreaking legal battle she charged that her government
failed to protect her. The outcome could change history.

Sushma’s Story (8’12”)
The global trade in human beings is on the rise…and the trafficking of hundreds of thousands of women and girls for forced prostitution is one of the hardest to combat.
Once trapped, not many women escape this modern-day form of slavery, but we found a young mother in Nepal who did. And, she vowed to track down her trafficker.

Nepal: Violence Against Women (5’59”)
A ten-year long civil war in Nepal left around 15,000 people dead and displaced over 100,000 others. Often women and children were targeted with many falling victim to assault and abuse. Although the conflice officially ended in late 2006, the violence against women continues.

Turkey: Honour Killings (8’00”)
In many parts of the world, women still face the prospect of being murdered to protect family honour. It is estimated that as many as 5,000 women are victims of so-called “honour killings” every year. One country that’s been trying to do something about this
is Turkey. But some traditions, no matter how violent, are hard to change.
Fight for Life: Afghanistan (7’29”)
From the fall of the Taliban to the rebuilding of a shattered nation, Afghanistan is a country undergoing extraordinary change. But when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, mothers and their babies are still fighting for their lives.

Domestic Violence: Honduras Fights Back (6’ 43”)
Around the world, as many as one in three women have been beaten at the hands of someone they know, according to the UN Population Fund. But one country is fighting back.

Video message from Desmond Tutu on Launch of Network of Men Leaders

Seven video clips prepared by the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the CaribbeanWaterWater-vid001
Women Shoulder Water Burden in Nepal : September 9, 2011 (English)
Focus: Nepal WorkWork-vid001
25 Apr 2011 – 00:04:04

Lebanon: First Female Electrician (English)
After 4 years of devastation in southern Lebanon, reconstruction is beginning. A new programme supported by ILO, the International Labour Organization, is training young people at risk for long term unemployment. One of them is a young woman paving …Work-vid002
8 Sep 2010 – 00:05:09

Cambodia: Rights of home-based women workers (English)

Focus: Cambodia

United Nations, August 2010 – Cambodian home-based women laborers work without contracts or social protections and can be at risk for exploitation and economic insecurity. To help keep these workers out of poverty, new training programs are educating…Work-vid002
Solomon Islands: Women do all the work: August 8, 2012 (English)
Focus: Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands: Women should be equal in… : August 8, 2012 (English)
Focus: Solomon Islands

Men need to help women in the home. Nepal – thinkEQUAL : August 26, 2011 (English)

Liberia: Training Helps Young Women Find Employment : August 10, 2011 (English)
Focus: Liberia