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[.pdf]RBM109A Basic Model of Performance-Based Budgeting. Marc Robinson and Duncan Last. 12 pages. 2009. (500 KB).

[.pdf]RBM089Systems of Management Control and Results-Based Budgeting: The Chilean Experience. GOVERNMENT OF CHILE MINISTRY OF FINANCE National Budget Office. 83 pages. 2003. (270 KB).

[.pdf]RBM113Implementing Results-based budgeting in the Ministry of Defense of Peru. Natalie J. Webb. 2012. 22 pages. (248 KB).

[.pdf]RBM116Results-Orientated Budget Practice in OECD Countries. Aidan Rose, Department of Law, Governance and International Relations

London Metropolitan University. 2003. 76 pages. (225 KB).

[.pdf]RBM117Guide to Performance-based Budgeting. Dr B. Navin. Centre for Good Governance. CGG Collected Working Papers: 2003 — Volume 2. 2003. 15 pages. (3.4 MB).

[.pdf]RBM118SEMINAR ON RESULT BASED BUDGETING:OBJECTIVES, EXPECTED RESULTS AND PERFORMANCE INDICATORS, Strasbourg, 25 September. Notes from Ian C. Davies. Council of Europe. 2012. 7 pages.(62 KB).

[.pdf]RBM119Results-Based Budgeting .... Breaking the trade-off between price and performance through public sector innovation. STEEVES ADVISORY Inc. 2012. 9 pages.(91 KB).

[.pdf]RBM120Development effectiveness and results-based budgeting:  Papers presented during meetings of the Regional
Policy Dialogue’s Public Policy Management and Transparency Network(5th: 2009: Brasilia, Brazil). IDB. 2009. 298 pages.(9.1 MB).

[.pdf]RBM121Performance-Based Budget Systems. Richard D. Young. USC INSTITUTE FOR PUBLIC SERVICE AND POLICY RESEARCH - PUBLIC POLICY & PRACTICE JANUARY 2003. 2003. 14 pages.(1.0 MB).

[.pdf]RBM122Performance Information in the Budget Process: Results of the OECD 2005 Questionnaire. Teresa Curristine. OECD JOURNAL ON BUDGETING, Volume 5 – No. 1. OECD. 2005. 46 pages.(289 KB).

[.pdf]RBM123Government Performance:Lessons and Challenges. OECD JOURNAL ON BUDGETING Volume 5 – No. 1. Teresa Curristine. OECD. 2005. 26 pages.(300 KB).

[.pdf]RBM124The Effects of Results-Oriented Budgeting on Government Spending Patterns in Thailand. Arwiphawee Srithongrung.
International Public Management Review, Volume 10, Issue 1. 2009. 31 pages.(333 KB).

[.pdf]RBM125Performance-Based Budgeting: The Contribution of the Program Assessment Rating Tool. PATRICK R. MULLEN. 2006. 10 pages.(103 KB).

[.pdf]RBM126Malaysia: Integrated Results-Based Management – the Malaysia Experience. Koshy Thomas, Ministry of Finance, Malaysia.
Sourcebook, Second Edition. 2007. 9 pages.(170 KB).

[.pdf]RBM127Performance-Based Budgeting:OPPORTUNITIES AND CONSIDERATIONS. A SEIU Local 1000 report. 2010. 24 pages.(668 KB).

[.pdf]RBM128Performance-Based Budgeting: Concepts and Examples. Research Report No. 302. Legislative Research Commission, Kentucky. 2002. 91 pages.(867 KB).

[.pdf]RBM129UNITED NATIONS Guide to results-based budgeting. Version 1.1 (23 October 1998). 64 pages.(180 KB).

[.pdf]RBM130Results-based Budgeting under Modified Budgeting System.  CoP-MfDR Annual Meeting. Koshy Thomas. Ministry of Finance, Malaysia 2009. 15 pages.(358 KB).

[.pdf]RBM131Anatomy of a Priority-Budget Process. The Government Finance Officers Association. 26 pages. 2011. (313 KB).

[.pdf]RBM132Achieving Results Performance Budgeting in the Least Developed Countries. 246 pages. 2006. (2.77 MB).

[.pdf]RBM133PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT, BENCHMARKING & OUTCOME-BASED BUDGETING FOR WISCONSIN LOCAL GOVERNMENT. Alan Probst, Prof. Steve Deller, UW-Madison and Prof. Craig Maher. Second Edition. Local Government Center. 68 pages. 2009. (650 KB).

[.pdf]RBM134Performance-Based Budgeting: Interpretations and Best Practices. 2012 PPMRN Conference. Neubrain LLC. 13 pages. 2012.(1.0 MB)

[.pdf]RBM135Performance-Based Budgeting: Beginning the Journey. School Budgeting for Hard Times. 19 pages. 2010.(255 KB).

[.pdf]RBM136Performance Based Accountability and Budgeting. Paul Posner, George Mason University. 9 pages. 2010.(81 KB).

[.pdf]RBM137Performance Budgeting Models and Mechanisms. Marc Robinson. 29 pages. 2007.(143 KB).

[.pdf]RBM138HOW TO DESIGN AND CARRY OUT DATA COLLECTION STRATEGIES FOR RESULTS-BASED BUDGETING: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE. Jane L. Reisman, Ph.D., Bill Leon, Ph.D., RobRoy Erickson The Evaluation Forum Seattle, Washington. 114 pages. 2002. (754 KB).

[.pdf]RBM139Organizational Performance Indicator Framework (OPIF): A Guide to Results-Based Budgeting in the Philippines.
Department of Budget and Management Malacañang, Manila. 106 pages. 2012.(951 KB).

[.pdf]RBM140Budgeting for equity: Gender budget initiatives within a framework of performance oriented budgeting. Sharp, Rhonda. UNIFEM.
94 pages. 2003.(2.2 MB).

[.pdf]RBM142A Bibliometric Model for Performance-Based Budgeting of Research Institutions: Recommendation from the committee appointed by the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions on assignment from the Ministry of Education and Research. 51 pages. 2008.(279 KB).

[.pdf]RBM143Better Budgeting for Better Results.Performance-based budgeting reforms can save Nevada taxpayers billions. Geoffrey Lawrence. Nevada Policy Research Institute. 36 pages. 2011.(538 KB).

[.pdf]RBM144INNOVATIONS IN GOVERNANCE AND PUBLIC SERVICE TO ACHIEVE A HARMONIOUS SOCIETY. Perormance-Based Budgeting In China: A Case Study Of Guangdong Meili Niu. Assistant Professor, Sun Yat-Sen University, China; Alfred Ho Associate Professor, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, USA; Jun MaProfessor, Sun Yat-Sen University, China. 23 pages. 2005.(139 KB).

[.pdf]RBM145Performance Incentives Based on Results. Undersecretary Laura B. Pascua. Department of Budget and Management, Philippines.
24 pages. 2012.(1.62 MB).

[.pdf]RBM145bSuggested Framework for Implementation of Performance Budgeting in the Public Sector of Developing Countries. With special focus on Egypt. Hassan A. G. Ouda, Ph.D, Department of Accounting & Financial Control, Faculty of Management Technology - German University In Cairo. 28 pages. 2011.(191 KB).

[.pdf]RBM146Manual for the application of gender budgeting within the Belgian federal administration. Liesbeth De Wolf and Kim Vandekerckhove. 90 pages. 2011. (2.81 MB).

[.pdf]RBM147Integration of activity-based budgeting and activity-based management. Tandung Huynh, Guangming Gong, Huyhanh Huynh.
International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences. 2013; 1(4): 181-187. 7 pages. 2011.(262 KB).

[.pdf]RBM148Best-practice budgeting. IBM Canada. 7 pages. 2011.(159 KB).

[.pdf]RBM149INTEGRATED RESULTS BASED MANAGEMENT – COUNTRY EXPERIENCES FROM ASIA & AFRICA. Koshy Thomas, Ministry of Finance, Malaysia. 7 pages. 2008.(88 KB).

[.pdf]RBM150METHODS OF BUDGETING. Northern Ireland Assembly,Research and Library Services. Research Paper 06/10. 30 pages. 2010. (88 KB).

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[.pdf]RBM010Managing for Change:Introducing the Art of Results Based Management. Philip Cox, Chris Enns.PLAN:NET LIMITED. 2009, 38 pages (3.0 MB).

[.pdf]RBM020Theory of Change: A Practical Tool For Action, Results and Learning. ANNIE E. CASEY FOUNDATION. 2004. 49 pages (820 KB).

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PDF]RBM030REVIEW: RESULTS BASED MANAGEMENT IN DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION. Janet Vähämäki, Martin Schmidt, and Joakim Molander. 2011. 56 pages (706 KB).

[.pdf]RBM002United Nations Development Group Results-Based Management Handbook: Strengthening RBM harmonization for improved development results, 2010, 62 pages, (1.0 MB).

[.pdf]RBM009RESULTS-BASED MANAGEMENT:TOWARDS A COMMON UNDERSTANDING AMONG DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION AGENCIES. Discussion Paper (Ver. 5.0) Prepared for the Canadian International Development Agency, Performance Review Branch, for consideration by the DAC Working Party on Aid Effectiveness and Harmonisation.. 2003, 26 pages (758 KB).

[.pdf]RBM005Results-Based Management in the Development Co-Operation Agencies: A Review of Experience. Backgound Paper. OECD. 2000. 158 pages,. (724 KB)

[.pdf]RBM006RESULTS-BASED MANAGEMENT HANDBOOK: Harmonizing RBM concepts and approaches for improved development results at country level. United Nations Development Group. 2011, 68 pages (7.5 MB)

[.pdf]RBM039- UN Results Based Management Seminar on Results Based Management and Performance Reporting – an Australian Perspective. 2004. 50 pages (361 KB).

[.pdf]RBM044Results Management in Norwegian Development Cooperation: A practical guide. NORAD, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
36 pages. (1.2 MB).

[.pdf]RBM049MANAGING AID RELATIONSHIPS IN THE CONTEXT OF RESULTS-BASED MANAGEMENT: A case study of support to civil society within Swedish Development Cooperation. Anna Samuelsson. 2013. 58 pages. (580 KB).

[.pdf]RBM050Results-Based Management of Basic Research: Regional and Interregional Cooperation to Strengthen Basic Sciences in Developing Countries. 2009. 66 pages. (1.6 MB).

[.pdf]RBM071Evaluation Results-Based Approach in Finnish Development Cooperation. 110 pages. 2011. (7.6 M).

[.pdf]RBM072Results-based Monitoring Guidelines for Technical Cooperation. 41 pages. GIZ. 2008. (500 KB).

[.pdf]RBM078Danish Development Cooperation in a Results Perspective Danida's Framework for Managing for Development Results 2011-2014. DANIDA. 29 pages. 2011. (800 KB)

Financing      Back to Main Menu

[.pdf]RBM092Are Funding Decisions Based on Performance?. A comparison of approaches as practiced by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, and the World Bank’s Multi-Country AIDS Program for Africa in Mozambique, Uganda, and Zambia. Center for Global Development. 56 pages. 2010. (811 KB).

KIT (ROYAL TROPICAL INSTITUTE) In collaboration with Cordaid and WHO. 57 pages. 2009. (627 KB).

[.pdf]RBM082Results-Based Financing for Health (RBF) Basic Economics of Results-Based Financing in Health.William D. Savedoff. Social Insight. 18 pages. 2010. (453 KB).

[.pdf]RBM094An overview of research on the effects of results-based financing. Report from Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services nr 16 –2008. Systematic Review. 79 pages. 2008. (342 KB).

Human Resources      Back to Main Menu 


[.pdf]RBM151Best Practices and Performance-Based HR System in Korea. Eun-Suk Lee,Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; Seongsu Kim, Seoul National University Seoul, Korea. Seoul Journal of Business Volume 12, Number 1 (June 2006). 16 pages. (56 KB).

[.pdf]RBM152THE IMPACT OF STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ON ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE. Esra NEMLİ ÇALIŞKAN, Associate Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences Department of Business. Journal of Naval Science and Engineering
2010, Vol. 6 , No.2, pp. 100-116. 2010. 16 pages. (248 KB).

Management Cycle (Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning)      Back to Main Menu

[.pdf]RBM017Handbook on Monitoring and Evaluating for Results. UNDP. 2002. 152 pages (860 KB).

[.pdf]RBM074Planning and Managing for HIV/AIDS Results: A Handbook. Global AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Team - GAMET World Bank Global HIV/AIDS Program2007. (3.7 MB).

DF]RBM007Understanding Results Based Programme Planning and Management:Tools to Reinforce Good Programming Practice. UNICEF. 2003, 26 pages (263 KB).

[.pdf]RBM069Strategic Planning and Scripture Use: Integration of Results Based Management and Conditions of Scripture Use. CAROL JEAN GALLAGHER.2009. 42 pages.(238 KB).

[.pdf]RBM015Monitoring & Evaluation Guidelines. United Nations World Food Programme Office of Evaluation. 23 pages (606 KB).

[.pdf]RBM047Ten Steps to a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System: A Handbook for Development Practitioners. Jody Zall Kusek Ray C. Rist.World Bank. 2004. 264 pages. (1.0 MB).

[.pdf]RBM051INTRODUCTION OF RESULTS-BASED MONITORING AND EVALUATION. Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation System (SMES) Project. 2009. 29 pages. (376 KB). 

[.pdf] RBM070Results-based monitoring and evaluation for organizations working in agricultural development: A guide for practitioners. International Livestock Research Institute. 74 pages. 2010. (400 KB).

[.pdf]RBM077A Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to Determine Performance and Success of ESD in TVET: The Case of the Philippines. Dr. Miriam Necesito, Prof. Romeo B. Santos, Ph.D., Mr. John Ian Fulgar. 11 pages. 2009. (1.1 MB)

[.pdf]RBM106Measuring Capacity Development. Combining the ‘Best of Two Worlds’ in Monitoring and Evaluation of Capacity Development. David Watson. 12 pages. 2011. (113 KB).

[.pdf]RBM011Insider Insights: Building a Results-Based Management and Evaluation System In Colombia. Manuel Fernando CAstro. World Bank. 2009, 54 pages (663 KB).

[.pdf]RBM012Results-Based Programming, Management and Monitoring (RBM) approach as applied at UNESCO: Guiding Principles. 2011, 41 pages (644 KB).

[.pdf]RBM019Reporting on Outcomes: Setting Performance Expectations and Telling Performance Stories. John Mayne. Office of the Auditor General of Canada. 2003. 24 pages (132 KB).

[.pdf]RBM063A framework for qualitatively evaluating management plans in a results-based perspective. Rochet M.J., Trenkel V.M., Rice J.C. 2010. 15 pages. (122 KB).

Performance      Back to Main Menu

[.pdf]RBM023Performance-Based Management. Cathy Iles DHS Performance Measure Coordinator. Oregon Department of Human Services. 2011. 19 pages (319 KB).

[.pdf]RBM034PERFORMANCE-BASED MANAGEMENT: Eight Steps To Develop and Use Information Technology Performance Measures Effectively. General Services Administration Office of Governmentwide Policy. USA. 118 pages (746 KB).

[.pdf]RBM035Framework for Managing Programme Performance Information. National Treasury, South Africa. 2007. 28 pages (1.9 MB).

[.pdf]RBM018Learning from Evaluative Activity: Enhancing Performance through Outcome-focussed Management. Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. New-Zealand. 2003. 15 pages (433 KB).

[.pdf]RBM046Manager's Guide to Implementing Performance-based Management. Environment Canada. 2000. 55 pages. (350 KB). 

[.pdf]RBM064Organisational Performance Management in a Government Context: A Literature Review. The Scottish Government. 2008. 42 pages. (506 KB).

[.pdf]RBM081How to Improve Government Performance (Challenges, Possible Solutions and Lessons of International Experience). Dr. Prajapati Trivedi Secretary, Performance Management Cabinet Secretariat, India. 84 pages. 2009. (4.2 MB).

[.pdf]RBM085Counting what counts: performance and effectiveness in the humanitarian sector. Ben Ramalingam and John Mitchell with John Borton and Kristin Smart. ALNAP Review of Humanitarian Action. 90 pages. 2013. (271 KB).

[.pdf]RBM105PERFORMANCE MEASURE GUIDE. OFFICE OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. State of Washington. 27 pages. 2009. (1.4 MB).

Productivity      Back to Main Menu

[.pdf]RBM008Results-Based Management: The Key to Unlocking Talent, Increasing Productivity. A Prerequisite for Workshifting Initiatives. Telework Research Network. 2010, 23 pages (3.3 MB).

Public Sector/Service       Back to Main Menu

[.pdf]RBM045Results Based Management: An Overview of its Applications in the Public Sector. Cedric Saldanha. 16 pages. (112 KB).

[.pdf]RBM022Towards a Results-Based Management approach in the public sector: The example of Trinidad and Tobago. UNDP, Knowledge Sharing Series. 2011. 40 pages. (1.3 MB).

[.pdf]RBM029Framework for Results-Based Public Sector and Country Cases. Asia-Pacific Community of Practice on Managing for Development Results (CoP-MfDR).2011.48 pages (1.1 MB).

[.pdf]RBM055Targets and Results in Public Sector Management: Uganda Case Study. Working Paper 205. Tim Williamson, Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure, ODI. 2003. 123 pages. (410 KB).

[.pdf]RBM087THE PERFORMANCE PARADOX IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR. SANDRA VAN THIEL Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands FRANS L. LEEUW Dutch Educational Review Office. Productivity in Review. 15 pages. 2002. (83 KB).


[.pdf]RBM054RAPID RESULTS APPROACH / INITIATIVE: Institutionalization of Results Based Management in Kenya Public Service. Obong'o Sylvester. 2008. 6 pages. (47 KB). 

[.pdf]RBM058Managing and Measuring Public Service in Commonwealth Africa: Report of the Sixth Commonwealth Forum of Heads of African Public Services. Mahe, Seychelles. 13-15 July 2009.Improving african public services Series: NO.6. 130 pages. (573 KB).

[.pdf]RBM059EU Policy Coherence for Development: from moving the goalposts to result-based management?. European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM). Discussion Paper no 101. 2010. 49 pages. (434 KB).

[.pdf]RBM064bMAKING RESULTS-BASED STATE GOVERNMENT WORK. Blaine Liner, Harry P. Hatry, Elisa Vinson, Ryan Allen, Pat Dusenbury, Scott Bryant, Ron Snell, NCSL. The Urban Insitute. 2001. 158 pages. (2.3 MB).

[.pdf]RBM076From Research to Results: A Decade of Results-Based Service Improvement in Canada. Brian Marson
Ralph Heintzman.IPAC. 46 pages. 2009. (1.8 MB)

[.pdf]RBM079Managing for Results in State Government: Evaluating a Decade of Reform. Donald P . Moynihan
University oUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison. 13 pages. 2008. (177 KB).

[.pdf]RBM098MANAGING FOR RESULTS:  Federal Managers' Views on Key Management Issues Vary Widely Across Agencies. United States General Accounting Office (GAO). 203 pages. 2001. (1.2 MB).

Results-Based Management (General)       Back to Main Menu

[.pdf]RBM001Results-Based Management (RBM), Guiding Principles, UNESCO, 62 pages, (501 KB).

[.pdf]RBM004Results Based Management Concepts and Methodology. 2000, UNDP 19 pages, (256 KB).

[.pdf]RBM013Programme/project management:The results-based approach. 2008, ICRC. 89 pages (6.3 MB).

[.pdf]RBM014Results-Based Management 101. Mark Schacter Murray Kronick, FCMC. Performance and Planning Exchange. 2010, 65 pages. (1.6 MB).

[.pdf]RBM016Sourcebook on results based management in the European Structural Funds. Community of Practice on Results-Based Management. 240 pages (6.1 MB).

[.pdf]RBM024RESULTS-BASED MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK. 2007. Global Environment Facility. 31 pages (460 KB).

[.pdf]RBM025RBM Handbook on Developing Results Chains: The Basics of RBM as Applied to 100 Project Examples.  2000. Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). 146 pages (1.3 MB).

[.pdf]RBM026Implementing Results-Based Management in Local Government. James E. Swiss and Stephen K. Straus. 2005. 11 pages (394 KB)

[.pdf]RBM031Results-Based Management Capacity Assessment Toolkit. Regional Aids Training Network (RATN), Kenya. 2011.37 pages (411 KB)

[.pdf]RBM033RESULTS BASED MANAGEMENT. UNEP Brown Bag Lunch. Kabell Konsulting ApS2006. 29 pages (246 KB).

[.pdf]RBM033bA Reference Paper for CIDA Officers Engaged in Capacity Development and Program-Based Approaches Such as SWAps. Réal Lavergne. CIDA. 2006. 45 pages (158 KB).[

[.pdf]RBM036Results-Based Management Training for RCPAR Network members. ITC/ILO Training Centre, Turin, Italy. UNDP. 2010. 73 pages (1.9 MB).

[.pdf]RBM038DFID's RESULTS FRAMEWORK: Managing and reporting DFID results. 11 pages (302 KB).


[.pdf]RBM043Best Practices in Results-Based Management: A Review of Experience A Report for the United Nations Secretariat. Volume 1: Main Report. John Mayne 2007. 21 pages. (1.3 MB).

[.pdf]RBM048Integrated Results-based Management and Accountability Framework and Risk-Based Audit Framework. Canada Research Chairs. 2006. 41 pages. (228 KB).

[.pdf]RBM052Getting Better at Managing for Outcomes: A tool to help organisations consider their progress in results-based management and identify development objectives. The Treasury of New Zealand. 2005. 13 pages. (186 KB).

[.pdf]RBM053Update on results-based management for the new business model. Cities Alliance. 2010. 10 pages. (936 KB).

[.pdf]RBM056Results-Based Management and Expenditure Management: Our Canadian Experience. International Program for Development Evaluation Training. Presentation by Anne Routhier. Treasury Board of Canada Sexretariat. 2012. 26 pages. (1.3 MB).

[.pdf]RBM057Community of Practice on Results Based Management (RBM). Benedict Wauters. Flemish ESF Agency. 2009. 17 pages. (360 KB).

[.pdf]RBM061The Making of the Millennium Development Goals: Human Development Meets Results-based Management In an Imperfect World. David Hulme. Brooks World Poverty Institute. BWPI Working Paper 16. 2007. 28 pages. (125 KB).

[.pdf]RBM065Results and Impact Management System (RIMS). FIRST AND SECOND LEVEL RESULTS HANDBOOK.  2011. 82 pages. (1.3 MB.

[.pdf]RBM066Species at Risk Program: Results-based Management and Accountability Framework and Risk-based Audit Framework. 2008. Government of Canada. 84 pages. (414 KB).

[.pdf]RBM080The burden of proof in co-management and results-based management: the elephant on the deck! Mike Fitzpatrick, Norman Graham, Dominic J. Rihan, and Dave G. Reid. 7 pages. ICES Journal of Marine Science. 2011. (198 KB)

[.pdf]RBM083Logical Framework Approach and Outcome Mapping A constructive attempt of synthesis. Daniel Roduner and Walter Schläppi, AGRIDEA and Walter Egli, NADEL (ETH Zurich). Rural Development News. 11 pages. 2008. (2.0 MB).

[.pdf]RBM084The Managing for Results Self-Assessment Tool. Treasury Board of of Canada secretariat. 43 pages. 2003. (1.6 MB).


[.pdf]RBM096Designing for outcomes. A practical resource to support effective design, delivery and evaluation of work in health and social care. Care Services Improvement Partnership (CSIP).18 pages. 2007. (2.4 MB).

[.pdf]RBM100Measure for measure: A field-based snapshot of the implementation of results based management in UNHCR. 37 pages. 2010. (176 KB). 

[.pdf]RBM103Results-Based Organization Design for Technology Entrepreneurs. Chris McPhee. 8 pages. 2012. (502 KB).

[.pdf]RBM003Guide for the Development of Results-based Management and Accountability Frameworks. Treasury Board Secretariat, Canada. 2001, 46 pages, (360 KB).

[.pdf]RBM021Balanced Scorecard and Results-Based Management Convergent Performance Management Systems. Gavin Lawrie, Dirk Kalff and Henrik Andersen Presented at 3rd Annual Conference on Performance Measurement and Management Control, The European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), Nice, France. 2005. 17 pages (349 KB).

[.pdf]RBM104Activity-based Costing (ABC) and Activitybased Management (ABM) Implementation – Is This the Solution for Organizations to Gain Profitability?. Ildikó Réka CARDOŞ, Ştefan PETE 18 pages. 2011. (324 KB).

[.pdf]RBM107Building an Evaluative Culture for Effective Evaluation and Results Management. John Mayne. Instititionam Learning and Change (ILAC). November 2008. 14 pages. 2009. (77 KB).

[.pdf]RBM110Managing a Sustainable Results Based Management (RBM) System. Global Expert Team GET)-Public Sector Performance. GET Note: Results Based Management Systems “Recently Asked Questions” Series, 63747. 11 pages. 2011. (785 KB).

[.pdf]RBM141Framework for Results-Based Sector Management and Country Cases. Asia-Pacific Community of Practice on Managing Development Results. 48 pages. 2011.(1.1 MB).